22 Mar 2018 
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 Security checklist
  Nowadays hackers use many different types of sophisticated attacks on web servers and web applications.Security is crucial for e-commerce and in this post we tried to accumulate security tips and recommendations which can help you make y
 Avactis on a test server
  Question: Can I install my Avactis on a temporary domain? Yes, you can. Install your Avactis on the test server and do not register the copy. After the store is ready and you move it to the live do
 Multiple storefronts
  This article is for Avactis 1.9.x.It is possible to create several storefronts with the same database and administration panel. In orde
 Google links to deleted products
  Question: We have a link referenced in google... but this item no longer exists in our Database...If a link to your produc
 How to make Subscriptions selected by default on checkout
  If you want your subscriptions topics to be selected by default on the checkout, you should do the following:1. Open the "avactis-themes\YOUR_THEME\subscriptions\subscribe
 Integrating Avactis to existing site - example
  1. Let's try to integrate Avactis to the html page with the following content:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Update Free to eBusiness. Instruction.
  To update the store from Free to eBusiness, pass the following steps:1.Create a new, empty database on your server (usual
 –°arousel (Hot Deals block)
  This article is for Avactis 2.0 and later. To display the carousel¬† block (Hot Deals)¬† on your index
 Changing SEO tags on index page
  How to change default Avactis text for the SEO tags on the index.php page?If you open page source of your index.p
 Avactis file and directory permissions
  Question: What folders does Avactis' software need
 How to change the Cintinue shopping url on cart and checkout
 To change the Cintinue shopping button url, open these files:avactis-themes/system/checkout/one-step-checkout/default/step1.tpl.html
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