22 Mar 2018 
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 Set up USPS
Solution In order to activate the USPS shipping module in Avactis, pass the following steps:

1. Log in to the admin panel and click on the "Store settings" link.

2. Click on the "
Shipping Settings/Methods" link.

3. On the opened page scroll down to the "Available Shipping Methods" text area, select "U.S. Postal Service" and click right arrow to add this module to the "Selected Shipping Methods" area.

4. Click "Save".

5. After the page is reloaded, click on the "
U.S. Postal Service" link. This will open a page.

6. Select "Active" for "Module Status".

8.   Specify the following settings:

Server name: production.shippingapis.com
Username: your user ID.

                - If you do not have the USPS account, create it at USPS site: 


                - You should confirm your USPS User ID before using it.
                Call USPS (800-344-7779) to activate your account on the        
                production servers. It will not work if you do not do this.

9. Correct the other settings and select the USPS shipping methods in the "
Shipping methods" section.

10. Click "Save" to save the changes.

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