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 Avactis on a test server
Solution Question: Can I install my Avactis on a temporary domain?

Yes, you can. Install your Avactis on the test server and do not register the copy. After the store is ready and you move it to the live domain change the following:

1. SiteURL and SitePath  values in the avactis-layouts/storefront-layout.ini file.

2. HTTP_URL value in the avactis-system/config.php file.

3. include path in the init.php file.

4. database settings in the avactis-system/config.php file.

5. RewriteBase  value in the .htaccess files located in the root Avactis directory, in the avactis-system/admin/mod_rewrite_test_01 and  avactis-system/admin/mod_rewrite_test_02 directories.

For Avactis 2.x only:

6. require_once in the  js_http_request_frontend.php file.

7. Delete all files in the avactis-system/cache directory.

Then register the store.

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Posted By: Phil (phil4v19@yahoo.com) On: 18 Mar 2011 03:48 AM
Warning the above information is not complete

Avactis please can you give actual examples and include all the changes that are needed to the files in order for it to work

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