22 Mar 2018 
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 Contact Us form
After getting frequent requests from our customers to integrate a Contact Us form, I decided to share with you the free Fancy AJAX Contact Form jquery plugin. This plugin doesn't require integration into Avactis code, and functions independently.

To start using the plugin, you just need to complete a few simple steps.

 1.   Download the ZIP file containing the plugin files:


 2.   Unzip them to your PC and open the “submit.php” file in a text editor like Notepad. Here you will see the following line:

    $emailAddress = '';

    In quotes, specify the email to which you want to receive messages and save the file.

3.    Upload all the unzipped files to your server.

That's all. Now when you open the demo.php (http://your_domain.com/demo.php) file in your browser you will see a Contact Us page with the form. Send a message to test how it works.

You can add a link to the demo.php page to your Avactis so that your customers will see the form after clicking on that link.

To make the demo.php page the same style as the rest of your store, add Avactis tags to the demo.php file:

    Add the Avactis initialization tag ( < ?php include('init.php'); ? >) to the very beginning of each PHP file from the ZIP archive.

    Copy the page structure from the avactis-themes\system\pages\templates\page.template.tpl.html file

    Replace the following placeholders


with the content of the demo.php file located inside the body tag

Replace other placeholders with the Avactis block tags

 Copy the content from the head section of the demo.php file to the head section of your new file.

If you need any help in adding the form, contact the Avactis support team:


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