22 Mar 2018 
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 How to translate store labels
Question:  How can I translate storefront?


1. Login to your admin panel and open the Store settings->Label Editor page.

2. Select Storefront labels in the Label type field and click Filter. 

3. Translate labels by editing the label value. After you have changed all labels in the page, click Update labels to save the changes.

4. Translate buttons. All button images are located in this directory


where your_theme is the theme selected for the storefront.

Create new button images. Use the same button size as for default labels.  Upload your images to the avactis-themes/your_theme/images/buttons directory with with the same names. Replace default image files.

NOTE: use this article ONLY if you need one language in your store. If you want to support one or more languages go to the How to add new language article.

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