22 Mar 2018 
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 Cannot change default logo in Metro theme (below Avactis v4.7.3)
Solution This is a known bug in Avactis v4.7.3 Metro theme. Please follow these steps to fix this issue.

1] Open this file: avactis-themes/metro/pages/templates/page.template.tpl.html
and remove the following line,

<img src="<?php echo getTemplateFileURL('images/logo.png'); ?>" alt="Avactis Shopping Cart">

2] Open this file: avactis-themes/metro/css/style.css
and add the following properties in class ".site-logo"

   height: 93px;
   width: 107px;
   background: url("../images/logo.png") no-repeat;

After completing above steps, you can easily change the logo using CSS editor.

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